Creating value is the ultimate result. Uncovering entirely novel ways to solve new and persistent problems is the challengeDelivering technology that is economically viable is the reward.

TIMBR investigators have extensive research interactions with private industry, including the establishment of Qteros and Anellotech, two biofuels startup companies resulting from TIMBR investigator research. These companies retain close relationships with UMass researchers via sponsored research agreements, and their success is directly related to TIMBR expertise and research capacity which has accelerated their research and development efforts. TIMBR researchers have been engaged in collaborations with the following companies, institutions and government agencies:

Private sector

  • Aspen Technology
  • British Petroleum
  • Conoco-Phillips
  • Edenspace System Corporation
  • Lummus Technology
  • Renewable Oil International
  • Weyerhaeuser


  • DOE Bioenergy Research Center VIBRANT
  • Harvard
  • MIT
  • University of Massachusetts Boston
  • University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
  • Worcester Polytechnical Institute

Government agencies

  • Advanced Research Projects Agency - Energy / Department of Energy
  • Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation
  • Massachusetts Department of Energy
  • Resources Joint Global Change Research Institute/Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
  • United States Department of Energy
  • Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency