Intellectual Property Savvy

TIMBR investigative teams recognize that the economic value of discoveries can only be achieved by bridging the institute’s fundamental research with industry’s expertise in creating value through technology-based product development. Working collaboratively with industry partners, our investigators seek to create synergies between these two very critical, yet very different, cultures.  Our aim is to make significant strides in far-reaching fundamental knowledge that transforms technology in ways that address commercial challenges and opportunities.

To guide investigators through the complex and dynamic technology transfer process, TIMBR relies upon the Office of Commercial Ventures and Intellectual Property (CVIP) at University of Massachusetts Amherst.

CVIP has experience working with industry.  They have the resources to analyze research for potential commercial use and to assess its value. CVIP is ready to assist in structuring agreements including licensing, joint ventures, partnerships, and other options that incorporate sharing both risks and rewards of bringing new technologies to market. Other options, such as spin-outs, can be discussed when a commercial innovation partner doesn’t have the internal resources or skills to develop a new technology.  CVIP provides a professional staff and systems that assist investigators and industry to transform ideas, inventions and creative works into commercially viable products, processes and services that have economic payback to the stakeholders.  CVIP also manages the domestic and international patenting process.

CVIP can facilitate the following:

  • Confidential Disclosure Agreements (CDAs)
  • Intellectual property clauses for Sponsored Research Agreements
  • Invention disclosure documentation
  • Licensing agreements
  • Materials Transfer Agreements (MTAs)
  • Offer contacts and business plan advice for Massachusetts-bases businesses
  • Proactive marketing