Vertically Integrated

TIMBR is vertically integrated to specifically address the key components of the biorenewable fuels and chemicals value chain: biomass feedstock development and optimization, biological and chemical conversion with an emphasis on biorefinery engineering and design, and economic and environmental analysis to understand the potential impacts going forward.

TIMBR takes the approach of looking at technological challenges as an intellectual continuum parallel to the value chain rather than the traditional academic approach of vertical silos of expertise with limited interaction.  By examining challenges from a systemic perspective, the TIMBR investigators are poised to make discoveries that will enable industry innovators to transition new discoveries that will contribute to the development of sustainable and profitable biorenewables-based industries that will take the lead in addressing environmental needs, government policies and consumer expectations. 

At the same time, our research programs are attracting and enabling a highly motivated workforce for the future.  This new generation of scientists will enter their occupations with a fully integrated view of the spectrum of issues that impact biofuels production with an appreciation for economic discipline and the need to rapidly and efficiently contribute in either industrial or academic careers.