Public & Private Partnerships

TIMBR appreciates the value of industry, academia and public sponsors working collaboratively to facilitate fundamental advanced biorenewables research.  Unitedly, we can discover solutions to the economic and environmental issues related to transportation energy and manufacturing feedstocks – today and for future.  As partners, each entity offers unique resources and strengths that create the necessary synergies to enhance and accelerate progress toward our common goals.

Partnerships between TIMBR, government agencies and private industry are key to finding renewable solutions for energy and raw materials.  Successful collaboration will extended and accelerated advanced biorenewable fuels and chemicals research, workforce training and technology transfer.  It will enable the innovation that will unleash the potential renewable resources possess to generate advanced fuels and chemicals.   Fundamental data collected by investigators in the TIMBR labs is contributing to innovative approaches in applied technologies that will move pilot and demonstration production to commercial success and transform the way we think of, consume and depend upon transportation fuels and manufacturing feedstocks. 

The far-reaching advancement required for advanced biorenewable fuels and chemicals in the 21st century will require an even greater degree of research collaboration between TIMBR investigators and the public and private sectors.  As we move closer to transforming biorenewable technologies to commercial realities, there is a growing need to improve and enhance efficiencies and to revolutionize new concepts in energy and raw materials.  TIMBR’s continuing research will provide a steady flow of knowledge for technology development to our government and industry sponsors.  We will attract new partners as we work to support break-through technologies and train the next generation of investigators to aggressively innovate using their cross-disciplinary education and the work experience they gain from out industry collaborators.