Our Approach

TIMBR’s partners – in the public and private sector – see the advantages we offer to achieve specific sponsor missions due to our cross-disciplinary approach to fundamental advanced biorenewable energy and chemical research, our understanding of the value chain which is reflected in our vertically integrated orientation, and our track record of successful collaborations with public sponsors and private sector partners.

TIMBR’s team of investigators from eleven disciplines within the College of Engineering and the College of Natural Sciences focus their combined curiosity, perspectives, talent and expertise on the challenges of realizing the potential for advanced biorenewable fuels and chemicals.  The teams are made up of investigators whose emphasis is on pursuing fundamental research that will lead to the development of new and innovative approaches that disrupt state-of-the-art science and lead to greater productivity.

TIMBR is vertically integrated to specifically address the key components of the biorenewable fuels and chemicals value chain: biomass feedstock development and optimization, biological and chemical conversion with an emphasis on biorefinery engineering and design, and economic and environmental analysis to understand the potential impacts going forward.

TIMBR appreciates the value of industry, academia and public sponsors working collaboratively to facilitate fundamental advanced biorenewables research.  Unitedly, we can discover solutions to the economic and environmental issues related to transportation energy and manufacturing feedstocks – today and for future.  As partners, each entity offers unique resources and strengths that create the necessary synergies to enhance and accelerate progress toward our common goals.