Industry Engagement

One of the primary goals of TIMBR is to introduce novel, transformative research to industry to facilitate rapid technology transfer.  In order to focus research activity on the most challenging, relevant and meaningful industry issues and prepare students to make significant contributions upon entering the workforce, TIMBR seeks long-term industry partnerships in the form of sponsored research agreements and membership in our industrial consortium. 

TIMBR investigators foresee significant potential for technological advancement when industry and academics work in partnership to address common aims.  An intellectual give and take partnership between industry leaders, faculty and students will lead to faster paced transitions of innovative concepts and technologies resulting in new industries, companies, jobs, products and services.

The board was formed and exists to ensure that our investigative teams remain current with the issues and trends of a cross-section of industrial and policy experts and to solicit their individual and collective business, technical, and political savvy in the development of the TIMBR roadmap.